GST to apply from 30 June 2017 midnight

The new era of taxation

As GST is going to be imposed , so it is the final time to know WHAT IS GST ALL ABOUT?

The goods and services tax (GST) regime is going to be kicked in with Narendra Modi style. A special session of Parliament, all chief ministers in attendance, a gong going off at midnight.

GST is a destination-based tax levied on consumption, which replaces all other indirect taxes(VAT, swaach bharat cess). The tax is levied and paid when a consumer buys something. The tax is levied on every transaction in the supply of goods and services, barring certain exempted items. The tax levied at one stage can be set off or deducted from the tax to be paid at the next stage.

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HTML .ERB FILE (adding image using tags)

First of all we have to know the syntax of adding images in html file

which is

<img src=”image.jpg”/>

Now using this syntax will not give us image in output

To use this image first of all create a folder (  public )where app file (app.rb) is present

Now in public folder create one more folder images

Now place that image file in that images folder

now in .erb file

type this syntax

<img src=”images/image-name.jpg”/>

thats it we will get image.




The following 3 asymptotic notations are mostly used to represent time complexity of algorithms.

1) Θ Notation: The theta notation bounds a functions from above and below, so it defines exact asymptotic behavior.
A simple way to get Theta notation of an expression is to drop low order terms and ignore leading constants.

For a given function g(n), we denote Θ(g(n)) is following set of functions.

Θ(g(n)) = {f(n): there exist positive constants c1, c2 and n0 such that 0 <= c1*g(n) <= f(n) <= c2*g(n) for all n >= n0}

Θ Notation
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