Repeating text within a document in MS WORD

Repeating text within a document in MS WORD

If you have some text in a Word document that you’d like to repeat a document and don’t want to write it again, and you’d rather not copy/paste it from the other location as that means that you’ll have to remember to maintain it in both places if there are changes. If another author takes over the document, they may not know that they have to update this text in two or more places if there are changes, either.

Here’s is a way using bookmarks:

  1. Select the block of text you want to repeat later in the document. This text can be a phrase, one or more paragraphs, a bulleted list, a table, etc. and can be placed inside text box or any other object.
  2. Insert a bookmark for the selected text (Insert tab > Bookmark).
  3. Give a name to bookmark, click Add, then click OK.
  4. Go to the place in the document where you want to re-use the selected text.
  5. Insert a cross-reference (References tab > Cross-reference) or you can find this in (Insert tab > References tab).
  6. Select Bookmark as the Reference Type, and Bookmark Text as the Insert option.
  7. Select the bookmark name and then click Insert. Do keep a check that click Insert only once, if you click more than one time, more number of references will be created.
  8. Whenever you change any text in the original text, just press ctrl+A then press F9 to update it.

This is how you can easily do this.


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